Why Do You Need to Offer a Commercial Drivers’ Legal Plan to Your Drivers?

The number one reason is that It means Increased Profits For You…

A commercial driver’s legal plan (CDLP) can help give you the peace and comfort you need when driving a commercial vehicle. CDLP will fight all DOT tickets for your drivers in any jurisdiction. Which in turn will keep your CSA scores down and help keep your insurance premiums lower? Fleet Risk and Safety Consulting is pleased to partner with Legal Shield to offer this low-cost solution to our clients and their drivers!

Company Benefits: 

• Helps reduce costs associated with driver turnover, recruiting training, cost of unused equipment and loss of revenue from unused equipment 

• Helps protect the company from DOT fines by protecting drivers

Driver Benefits: 

• Helps protect family assets in event of tragic accident 

• Helps protect driver’s ability to earn a living 

For a low monthly cost, LegalShield gives your drivers the ability to talk to a lawyer on any matter without worrying about high hourly costs. We understand that because of this profession, any legal situation  might find your drivers in situations that not only affects your business and them, but the families as well, and possibly even the ability to earn a living as a commercial driver.  That’s why, under the protection of LegalShield, we’ll help you take care of the legal needs on the job allowing you and your drivers to worry less and live more. 

Basic Commercial Drivers Legal Plan 

When you call your Provider Law Firm, they will locate an attorney to act on your behalf. Your Provider Law Firm has the support of qualified attorneys across the country who will help you protect your rights anywhere in the U.S. You receive the following for one low monthly cost

  • Basic Commercial Drivers Legal Plan Includes the Following Benefits:
  • Tragic Accident Representation with Property Damage Collection
  • Personal Injury Collection
  • License Reinstatement 
  • CSA Consultation
  • Moving Violations Defense
  • DOT and Non-Moving Violations

A CDLP is not just a perk, it is a necessity. It provides a comprehensive level of combined risk and safety assessment while ensuring that money going needlessly out the door is significantly reduced! Contact Fleet Risk & Safety Consulting for more information or go here to get started https://checkout.wearelegalshield.com/cspouliot

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